Wondering How To Invest In Silver Under The Spot Price?

Have you been wondering at all how to invest in silver without having to spend top dollar because you really wanted to get it at a discount? There are very specific types of silver coins that anyone can purchase and they can do so by getting them under the current spot price of silver when they follow this particular method. I’m really not kidding because you can definitely get it below the actual value of its current worth. Do you want to know exactly the type of silver bullion investment that I am talking to you about right now? Well it’s very simple, because it’s called 90% silver coin bags.

When I first began learning how to invest in silver, I heard about these 90% silver coin bags and I was a little bit concerned because the people that told me about them were initially calling them junk silver bags. But the truth of the matter is that these bags aren’t really junk at all. The reason they call them junk bags is because these coins have been circulated often and they are only in a very average condition. You see, a lot of silver coins gain in value because they are considered collectibles. But junk silver coins are not considered collectibles at all, and the only real value you will get from them is the content which is the actual silver itself.

Some of the main coins you will find in junk silver bags were minted in the year 1964 or possibly earlier. Some of the coins you’ll find inside of this bag are Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters and Kennedy half dollars as well. These particular coins are made of 90% silver. If you get any silver coin that was minted later than 1964 then you actually have a coin that only contains roughly 40% silver and probably some tin and aluminum.

The upside to learning about how to invest in silver by buying junk silver bags is that you can really get some excellent deals when you buy these junk coins from local coin dealers. There have been many people that are often able to acquire these coins for as much as one percent under the current spot price of silver. So that is definitely an excellent deal and something you would certainly want to take advantage of if you are investing in this commodity because you believe that it will continue to go up in value during these tough economic times.

The main thing I learned when I first found out how to invest in silver is that the coins in these junk silver bags will look really worn out and have a lot of scratches and nicks in them often which is why they are no longer considered collectibles. I mean think about it because these coins are basically going to be roughly 50 years old or older, so it should not surprise anybody that they look about that old as well. So if you’re looking for an excellent way to invest in silver, and you don’t want to spend all of your money, then I highly recommend you check out junk silver bags as your investment vehicle.

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